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Friday, 06 January 2006
If you've like me, you have a few sites out on the wide world that
aren't as easily accessible as others and having remote update is very

Give it an install, I've used this on two of my sites (one with 1.0.4
and one with 1.0.3) and both seem to have upgraded properly. The files
are being hosted on my site until I can work out how to evade
Sourceforge's antileech system. So use the patch files where possible.
Please note that at the moment, it doesn't delete the package file (stored in /cache), so you will have to delete this by hand or by using JoomlaXplorer. This will be addressed in a later release.

This is still a research project paving the way for work in later releases, and errors may occur. You should always backup a site before upgrading. As with all software that is in testing, you should not deploy this into a production environment.

Download Link:

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