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Friday, 04 March 2005
Trax is a Mambo based project tracking system.

At the beginning of January 2005 I began work on a simple project management system that had a simple priority calculator. It wasn't Mambo based and fell into my generic 'apps' category. At the beginning of March 2005 I started University and also began to have a few more projects. One day, hiking halfway across town I realize I needed a way that I could monitor and track both my projects and errors related to my projects or deployments.

Projects and Deployments
I had two types of systems I'd like to track. Projects were programming related tasks to which I set a deadline, and I needed a solution to track the hours I spent on a project. Deployments were systems that needed remote tracking and bug reporting. I needed a centralized way to handle my support system. The Trax system was born.

Trax is to be designed and developed as a Mambo component (with modules). Its a system that I can use to check what projects (and their details) need to done by when. An efficient way of organising my work load. Its split into different systems.

TraxBack is my deployment side system. Using a web interface, customers file 'bug reports' using a localized server (PHP/MySQL). Depending upon configuration that can update a centralized server (push) or a manual update and scan can be started on the server to connect to defined pickup TraxBack systems (pull).

TimeTrax is a time tracking application. TimeTrax has a Mambo interface, but to be more useful, TimeTrax will also have a 'fat client' that runs on a computer to allow 'clock on, clock off' functionality to accurately measure time spent on a project.

ProjectTrax is the original project tracker featuring my original (and poorly designed) priority management system. Each project is given a base priority (1 to 5) and then the amount of days is calculated. The current priority is calculated by multiplying the base priority by the days remaining. This means that for deadlines that are further away, their current priority can be lower than a project with a lower base priority but a closer deadline.

BaseTrax is a base system. TraxBase is a callback server for TraxBack and TimeTrax remote modules. BaseTrax integrates into a unified database system composed of TraxBack, TimeTrax and ProjectTrax databases.
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