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Saturday, 08 August 2009

ePrints ( is a digital paper repository aimed at storing the research papers generated by the university. ePrints is an open source tool written in Perl and at USQ it is running under Apache backed onto MySQL.

My work on ePrints includes work on simple cosmetics and reskinning the application to match the look and feel of the rest of the university, to performance improvement on the application to a major project called "Author ID" to add new functionality.

The "Author ID" project was perhaps my biggest coding work for ePrints with an initial patch of over 8000 lines submitted upstream for potential inclusion into the core ePrints application. The project added the ability to create distinct authors within the system and associate metadata with those authors. The system presents the capability to link these authors back to ePrints but it also permits the ability to use an "author instance" system to provide instance based linkage. The concept behind this was to provide a container for data about an author that might change over time (particularly their institutional or departmental affiliation) in its own area which then links back to the author. This project is presently undergoing major testing.

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