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Lecture Recording
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Saturday, 08 August 2009

Early in working at the University, the team I was working in was given a task to complete a lecture recording tool which used a PowerPoint plugin to control setting up an audio device, recording the lecture, converting the files to mp3 and transmitting them to a processing server before uploading the final converted files from the conversion server to the Moodle system.

The task involved VB6 coding with a custom addin for Microsoft Office, working with automation via web interfaces and the development of PHP web applications and logging systems to handle device. The VB6 project also involved integrating third party libraries such as LAME (WAV to MP3 conversion) and cURL (file upload) to improve functionality in the application.

Within a week of having received the source code with little documentation the application was ready for deployment just in time for Semester 1 start.

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